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Fix This Next: Coaching For Gyms

Stop Guessing What Your Fitness Business Needs to Level Up.  

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Get clear on what your business needs you to focus on – right now. Don’t waste another minute of time trying to figure it out. Stop trying to fix everything, and start to “Fix This Next”.

What You’ll Get During Your “Fix This Next” Strategy Call

During our strategy call, we will take a look at what your Fix This Next assessment revealed was your “Next Vital Need”, dig deeper into that need, and outline a path to creating a simple, measurable plan to fully fix that need.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

If you haven’t already, take the FREE Fix This Next evaluation. We will both get a copy of the results to evaluate.

What Happens During the Call

We will go over the identified need, dig deeper into why that is your current challenge, and cover how the OMEN process can resolve that need.

What Changes After the Call

You’ll have identified your biggest priority right now, and have a path toward resolving it so your business can thrive. 

About Dean Carlson

I’m Dean Carlson, and I successfully started, scaled and sold my award winning business, Get Fit NH, in a seven figure deal.

I understand the journey from passionate personal trainer to savvy fitness entrepreneur. I “get” what it means to own a training gym. In fact I’m still in the trenches as the co-owner/operator of a training gym with my wife Nancy.

Face it. You don’t need more pie-in-the sky advice from gurus. You need to pinpoint exactly what is holding your business back, and get fixing!

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What Is Your Biggest Challenge?

The biggest challenge business owners have is they don’t know what their biggest challenge is. If you find yourself trapped between stagnating sales, staff turnover, and unhappy customers, what do you fix first? Every issue seems urgent – but there’s no way to address them all at once. The result? A business stays stuck in The Survival Trap, the endless circles of addressing apparent, urgent issues and prioritizing the wrong things.

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Your Fundamental Business Needs

the business hierarchy of needs

All businesses, no matter how small or large, have the same fundamental needs. Your business, and mine, are no different. Here they are:

Sales – The Creation of Cash

Just as humans can’t survive without oxygen, food, and water, if you don’t have sales, your company will not be able to survive for long. Heck, without sales, you won’t have a business at all. Addressing the five needs in the SALES level will ensure that your foundation is working solidly, and can support the next level, PROFIT.

Profit – The Creation of Stability

Massive revenue doesn’t mean much when you have no profit, no cash reserves, and are drowning in debt. When all five needs in the PROFIT level are satisfied, you are positioned to scale your business without financial collapse.

Order – The Creation of Efficiency

At this level, the focus is on the creation of efficiency, and the needs are related to ensuring everything runs “like clockwork.” With all of its organizational efficiency needs met, your business can run— and yes, even grow—no matter who is on your team. It can even grow without you, the entrepreneur.

Impact – The Creation of Transformation

Many businesses never properly address the needs at this level, because they either don’t know this level exists, or they misunderstand what it’s all about. When we think of impact, we often think of how our business impacts the world. However, the needs that must be addressed at this level are related to client transformation, and how your company aligns with your staff, vendors, and your community, not to the wider world.

Legacy – The Creation of Permanence

Ensuring that your business and the impact it delivers will live on after you move on requires that specific needs are met. If you want your business to continue to thrive for generations to come, you’ll have to consider the big questions, such as what your long-term vision for your company is, and how your business will adapt to changes in your industry, in consumer demand, and in the world.

Where Does FIX THIS NEXT Fit In?

The Fix This Next Evaluation cuts through the noise and identifies your next vital need – the one thing you need to be working on right now. You’ll identify where your business fits in the hierarchy of needs and what needs your immediate attention. Fix that one thing and your business will naturally level up. 

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Where Does A FTN Advisor Fit In?

Dean Carlsonfix this next certified advisor

There is a lot of information and a lot of self-help resources out there that show us what we need to do to solve our business problems. The book “Fix This Next” is one of them. After reading it you may be ready to tackle fixing your problems by yourself. If that’s you, I say go for it, I sure don’t want to get in your way.  The truth is that not many of us are built like that. Too often we read book after book, attend conferences, workshops and seminars, have the best intentions to get things done, and BAM…life gets in the way. I still have coaches and advisors for that very reason.

My contribution to the process is two-fold. Speed, and Accountability. Speed, because I know the FTN system inside and out and can help you implement it quickly. And Accountability toward getting the vital need you are working on satisfied or on a predictable pathway to resolution, so you can tackle what’s next. 

As one of a select group of experts who has achieved the Fix This Next (FTN) certification and the honor of being an FTN “Founding Fixer”, I provide consultative and Fix This Next coaching services to the fitness industry business owner and entrepreneur seeking to grow and scale their business more easily and more profitably. As an FTN Advisor, I utilize an advanced, customized version of the FTN evaluation to pinpoint your company’s specific needs. Whether we like to admit it or not, we can be pretty emotional about our business “baby”, and having an outside advisor introduces external expertise and a bias-free perspective. 

So What’s Next?

If you haven’t taken the Fix This Next evaluation and identified your next VItal Need, click here to get that done. 

If you have already taken the evaluation, let’s talk about what you found and create a path toward resolution. Simply book a call with me here, and we will go over your results and outline your next steps.

Nothing happens without taking action, so let’s get started today. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Dean Carlson

Fix This Next Founding Fixer

Profit First Advisor

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