Small Business Owner Pay Calculator

Check this out. Only 51% of small business owners take a regular salary, and 30.07% of small business owner’s don’t take a salary at all. And even among those who do regular pay themselves, 60.7% make less than the average American worker. I am guessing that is NOT what you thought would happen when you started your business.

Paying yourself regularly what you are worth is important for you AND your company. If you aren’t paying yourself a regular salary, then your books don’t accurately reflect the health of your company. Why? Because your expenses are missing a large and very important cost – YOU! There is no way you can make important strategic business decisions – such as raising prices, cutting expenses, increase marketing, and any other adjustment your company needs to succeed – without knowing what your Market Based Wage is, then working toward increasing your pay until it’s in line with what healthy companies do. And your business is not nearly as valuable when it comes to getting credit, to outside investors, or when, if you want to, it’s time to sell your business to the highest bidder. And get real; if you’re always worrying about paying the bills at home, especially if you have a family, it’s really hard to focus on all the things it takes to run a great business. Please enter your info below and I’ll send you a Free Copy of my Fit For Profit Owner’s Pay Calculator, so you can get on the path to paying yourself better today. 

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