Thank-You for Completing Your Profit Assessment worksheet

​​Your hard part is over. I realize how challenging it can be to get all ​that information gathered in one place​. ​The good news is your financial life is about to get much easier, so congratulate yourself on a job well done!
Now my number crunching begins. I'll be putting the mice on the treadmill so I can power up my electric abacus and get to work. Your ECROP (Evaluation, Conversion & Roll Out Plan) will be produced an we will be ready to start building those business biceps. Please refer to our coaching agreement for a time-frame, but it generally takes 2 weeks. In the meantime you will be working on setting up your bank accounts, if you have not already.
​When ​your ECROP is ready I'll you a ​link to my appointment calendar so you can choose a time to set up our ​profit assessment call and go over your ​roll out plan. If you have questions in the meantime, you can ​get in touch with me her​e. Thanks!