In small business, money doesn’t have to equal stress.

Let’s take you out of financial overwhelm and into the sustainable success you’re striving for. You deserve a profitable business.

Get Clear on Your Finances

Create Profit…Now

Worry Less

If finances feel overwhelming, you’re not alone.

It’s not your fault that you weren’t taught how to be a business owner. Not many of us were! The truth is, when you’re focusing on bringing the best to your customer, it’s difficult to manage the business behind the scenes. Especially your financials. When it comes time to face the numbers, the stress hits hard, and even businesses with growing revenue can shut down because they’re not tracking their expenses and profits.

Your clients come to you for your expertise.
Come to us for ours.

We believe that what you do for the world is enough.
Let our expertise with money take some of the weight off of your shoulders.

Profit Knowledge + Tools

We are Profit First® certified bookkeepers and coaches, which means we set you up for positive cash flow. It’s possible to see profit within the first month of working together.

Financial Hygiene

Systems for your money will set you up for consistency and long-term success (and profits), allowing you to keep more money in your business. That equals more money in your paycheck.

Supportive Accountability

Your new money management practices are here to stay with ongoing accountability. We’ll help you maintain your new systems and work through any challenges that come up.

Your finances should be a judgment-free zone. For everyone.

No one ever taught you how to run a profitable business and it’s easy to get inside your head about what that should look like. Whether it’s our coaching or bookkeeping, we will empower you with the knowledge and expertise you need to create financial security and a sustainable business.

Fit For Profit has been helpful over these last nine months in…taking the [bookkeeping] task off of my plate. Filing tax returns…will be a true test of your work from the last nine months. I feel our biggest benefit is that by you handling our books, we’re able to focus more and more on the efficiency and growth of our small business.

Andrew Beck

As a coach, I know how important a coach is…working with Fit For Profit, I can see our future…our accounts are in the black and they have a cushion. And we actually have a growing owner’s compensation account and a small but growing profit account.

Travis & Cindy Barnes

When I started last summer, I had a goal to get a better handle of what my true finances were and change my money mindset to feeling very comfortable and confident with how I’m using my money and paying myself. Now I can look at my accounts, I know exactly what money is going where, and now I feel my confidence has grown in knowing that at any time we can adjust percentages and reroute and it doesn’t have to be a catastrophe in my mind of not knowing where to start. I feel like this has been so helpful in allowing my brain to understand what I have and what I can do with it.

Tallis Strub

Get the financial confidence you deserve.

Keep More Money Collective

    • Group Coaching
    • Virtual Lessons
    • Self Assessment Tool
    • Regular Cohort Meetings
    • 12+ Months of Support

Profit First Coaching

    • Money Makeover Program
    • Personalized Assessment Plan
    • 1-on-1 Implementation Coaching
    • Monthly Bookkeeping
    • Ongoing Accountability

You have the power to leave
chaos and uncertainty behind.

1. Book a Call

Connect with our experts and share your unique situation.

2. Get Your Plan

Get clear on your areas of need and hear our take on what next steps will best suit your situation.

3. Achieve Fiscal Fitness

Lead your company to the financial success you’ve been working toward.

We know because we’ve been there.

When Shannon started her business in 2008, she had two preschool-aged kids at home. She wanted a “hobby” business, just something to do for a few hours a day. She had worked as an accountant for a few years and knew she didn’t want to go back to the corporate world but she also wanted to contribute to the household and feel like she had an identity outside of “mom.”

When her youngest started kindergarten in 2011, she decided to kick the business into gear and start growing it. She doubled her client roster in two months and continued to grow quickly.

Life was good. Except, even as a trained accountant and acting bookkeeper, Shannon failed to save for taxes. Something she talked to her clients about daily. The result in April 2012 was a tax bill that she couldn’t pay.

Like most business owners, Shannon put her own business last and took care of her clients first. Although that might seem like the right thing to do, letting your own business take a back seat does not allow you to be proactive in growing your revenue or your profits.

A few years later, Shannon discovered the book Profit First. She read it twice in one weekend and knew that this system was the answer for her and her clients. She quickly became a Certified Profit First Professional and now coaches other service-based business owners on shifting their money mindset and creating systems so their businesses can thrive.



Everyone needs help. Let Fit For Profit be that partner for you.