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Group coaching, Profit First coaching, or straight bookkeeping?
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Keep More Money Collective

    • Group Coaching
    • Virtual Lessons
    • Self Assessment Tool
    • Regular Cohort Meetings
    • 12+ Months of Support

Profit First Coaching

    • Money Makeover Program
    • Personalized Assessment Plan
    • 1-on-1 Implementation Coaching
    • Monthly Bookkeeping
    • Ongoing Accountability

What’s different about our coaching?

It’s one thing to read the Profit First book and try to implement the system in your business. It’s another thing entirely to have a guide helping you navigate the system inside a growing and shifting business. 

Profit First doesn’t operate on the generally-accepted accounting principles where your profit is what’s left over after paying your bills. Profit First puts…well, it puts profit FIRST.

Old accounting practices never worked because they don’t consider an incredibly important piece of the puzzle: human behavior. Profit First does. 

Parkinson’s Law states that our demand for a resource increases to meet the supply of it. If you have two weeks to finish a project, it’s going to take you two weeks. And if you have three days, you’ll get it done in three days. If you have $2,000 a month to use for business expenses, you’ll find a way to make that work. And if you have $10,000, chances are you’ll find (or create) enough expenses to use it all. When we practice “bank balance accounting,” we end up creating systems that result in spending decisions based on what we see in the bank.

The problem is, that way of spending on expenses means we have a lot less “leftover” for our profit.

The Fit For Profit cash management system asks you to first set aside or allocate your profit, then let the difference be what you use for your expenses. By always taking your profit first the money available for expenses shrinks, and you are forced to find ways to get the same things done for less money. You adjust to new constraints. 

So instead of treating profit as an output, we first determine the output we want.

Profit First Method:

Sales – Profit = Expenses

That’s the Profit First difference.

How involved is your bookkeeping?

Business owners need to have a pulse on their finances. That’s why we work together through the process, starting our 1:1 bookkeeping and Profit First coaching with an account review and Profit First assessment. We optimize your bookkeeping to bring it up to date and suggest changes so your financial reports are most beneficial for you, your business, and your profit coach. Depending on the state of your books, sometimes it’s a bigger project; other times, it’s just a few tweaks. This helps us know that we’re giving you the  best bookkeeping and coaching with the best data: a solid foundation for your future growth. 

How much we’re involved in your bookkeeping is up to you and dependent on your business objectives. Our involvement ranges from an end-of-month accuracy assessment and end-of-year profitability review to hands-on systems implementation and monthly check-in calls.

Fit For Profit is not a full-service accounting firm. As such, we do not offer payroll or tax preparation services. We specialize in Profit First coaching and bookkeeping. Because we focus on service-based businesses, we’re not the best fit for the following: 

  • Retail businesses
  • Manufacturing/construction-based businesses
  • Not-for-profit businesses

We offer referrals for payroll and tax preparation or for those outside of our specialization. Email team@fitforprofit.com to let us know what you’re looking for right now and we’ll send some recommendations your way.

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