Case Study: K9 Lifeline and Heather’s Heroes

Client Background

Heather Beck is the owner of two businesses, K9 Lifeline and Heather’s Heroes. K9 Lifeline is a bricks-and-mortar service that offers dog training, boarding, and daycare facilities, while Heather’s Heroes is her dog product line, a separate entity under the same umbrella.

Origins of Working with Fit For Profit

Heather started working with Fit For Profit coaching in 2020. Prior to that, she had struggled with cash flow issues and managing her finances effectively. Despite making money in her business, she found it challenging to have enough money available for taxes, property taxes, and unexpected expenses.

The turning point came when Heather was recommended the book Profit First by a colleague. After listening to the book on audio, she realized the need to implement a better financial system to get her cash flow under control. However, she struggled with figuring out what her allocation percentages should be and knew that she needed professional guidance to ensure she understood and implemented the system correctly.

My biggest issue was definitely a cash flow issue. Looking at how I was spending money and where it was going, and then I would get down to the end of the year and I wouldn’t have enough money for my taxes. I would get hit with my property taxes, which are huge, about $24,000.

Having somebody to navigate that stuff with was huge. A lot of times when I would get into trouble financially, I would literally just kind of shut down. So working with Fit For Profit gave me a safe space to be able to talk through the issues, through the numbers. Not just the emotional side of things, but be able to talk through the issues with the numbers to figure out, how can I balance this? Or what do I need to do? Some of the solutions did include changes in my behavior as far as like things that I just didn’t have the money for.

Heather Beck

K9 Lifeline & Heather's Heroes

Challenges and Solutions

One of the main challenges Heather faced was managing her cash flow effectively. She often found herself stressed and unable to pay taxes and other significant expenses. With the help of Fit For Profit, Heather found solutions to her financial challenges.

First and foremost, we were able to support her in navigating the complex financial aspects of her business. Heather reports that having someone to talk to and work through hard financial choices has been essential. The coaching sessions are not just about accounting but also serve as a therapeutic space for her to overcome emotional stress related to her finances.

One of the most significant shifts for Heather was changing her behavior toward money and finances. She struggled with impulsive spending and realized the importance of setting money aside in advance for projects and expenses. This shift in mindset allows her to have the funds available when needed and reduces stress related to cash flow issues.

Results and Benefits

Working with Fit For Profit yielded significant benefits for Heather’s businesses and her personal finances. One of the most notable changes was in how she paid herself. The percentage-based approach to paying herself made it easier for Heather to prioritize her own income without feeling guilty or stressed.

Additionally, the Profit First system, paired with support from Fit For Profit, helped Heather get her operational expenses under control. Initially, her operational expenses were at around 83%, but with the guidance and support of Fit For Profit, she managed to reduce them to about 65%. This allowed her to have a clear financial goal and work towards financial stability.

Surprising Discoveries

During her journey with Fit For Profit, Heather was surprised to discover how high her operational expenses were initially. This revelation helped her set targets and goals for reducing those expenses, leading to better financial control and decision-making.

Our operating expenses started at about 83% and now we’re down to about 65%. My words of advice for anyone who’s on the fence about Profit First or working with Fit For Profit is just do it. It’s going to save you stress, it’s going to save you time, it’s going to save you money. Just having those professionals in your back pocket and really having people that you can lean on and work through your financial issues. Don’t go at it alone.

Heather Beck

K9 Lifeline & Heather's Heroes

Advice for Others

Heather’s advice to others who are on the fence about Profit First or working with Fit For Profit is simple: Just do it. She emphasizes that seeking professional guidance and support will save time, money, and stress. Having experienced the benefits firsthand, Heather encourages entrepreneurs not to go at it alone and to seek help from professionals like Fit For Profit.


Heather Beck’s experience with Fit For Profit has been transformative for her businesses and personal finances. With the guidance and support she received, she was able to gain control over her cash flow, reduce operational expenses, and change her mindset about money. By implementing Profit First principles, Heather found financial stability and success in her two businesses, K9 Lifeline and Heather’s Heroes.