Case Study: Fresh Faces by Rebecca

Client Background

Fresh Faces by Rebecca is a successful beauty and skincare business owned by Rebecca Crowe and her husband, Andy. The company started operating just two weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Despite the challenging times, Rebecca’s dedication and passion for her craft allowed her to build a loyal customer base and grow her business rapidly. However, managing the finances and understanding the flow of money within the business proved to be a significant challenge for Rebecca and Andy.

The Problem

As a new business owner, Rebecca initially struggled to manage her finances effectively. With only one bank account for all her income and expenses, she found it challenging to track where the money was going. As her business grew, she faced difficulties understanding how much money was allocated to specific areas, such as product sales, inventory, and overhead expenses. This lack of clarity led to financial chaos and uncertainty, making it difficult for Rebecca to make informed decisions about her business’s growth and expansion.

It was the true definition of insanity. We were doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results. And it came to a point, I was like, I can’t take this anymore. You just want to take action on changing up the dynamic and and when I came across [Profit First], everything just made sense.

Rebecca & Andy Crow

Fresh Faces by Rebecca

Finding the Solution

Rebecca’s husband, Andy, came across the book “Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz. After reading the book and gaining valuable insights into implementing Profit First principles, Andy realized that this approach would be ideal for helping Rebecca gain better control over her finances. He believed that Profit First would provide clarity and organization to Rebecca’s financial accounts, enabling her to make more strategic financial decisions.

Implementing Profit First

With the help of their Fit For Profit coach, Eric, Rebecca and Andy began implementing Profit First principles in the business. The initial step involved getting all her finances organized and understanding where the money was being allocated. Eric helped Rebecca set up multiple accounts to allocate money to specific purposes, such as taxes, debt repayment, inventory, and operating expenses. Each account had a designated percentage of revenue, which Eric helped determine based on the business’s history. This allowed Rebecca to know exactly how much money should be allocated to different areas of her business, without having to guess.

Results and Impact

Implementing Profit First had a profound impact on Fresh Faces by Rebecca. Rebecca and Andy started to aggressively pay off business debts, resulting in an 12-month accelerated debt paydown plan. The clear allocation of funds allowed them to be strategic and see the progress they were making toward becoming debt-free.

This newfound financial clarity and organization also helped Rebecca in planning for her business’s future. She gained insights into her business’s financial health, allowing her to make more informed decisions about expenses, product purchases, and potential investments.

Furthermore, Rebecca’s business experienced substantial growth, even amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. As her business expanded, she was able to focus on new opportunities, such as selling products, adding new services and considering expanding into new locations, thanks to the stability and financial discipline that Profit First brought to her business.

It’s kind of fun to be like see that money building up in our “Credit Card Pay-off” account. We build it up, then use that to pay down debt. We only have three more months. Three more months I have to look back, and it’ll be gone because we’ve been so aggressive. And I’ll be really happy to have that money back each month.

Rebecca & Andy Crow

Fresh Faces by Rebecca

“Ah-ha” Moments and Lessons Learned

Through the Profit First system, Rebecca and Andy had multiple “ah-ha” moments. They realized the importance of having a structured financial plan in place for the business’s growth and sustainability. Andy, previously not a spreadsheet person, learned to use spreadsheets effectively to track and manage finances, and Rebecca learned the significance of tracking all expenses, even the seemingly small ones, as they all added up.

The financial clarity provided by Profit First also allowed Rebecca to feel more confident about her business’s financial future, reducing stress and uncertainty. She learned that having a clear plan and adhering to it can lead to significant financial progress and long-term success.

Recommendations for Others

Rebecca and Andy wholeheartedly recommend the Profit First system to other business owners, especially those without a strong financial background. The Profit First approach provides a clear roadmap for managing finances, allowing business owners to understand the flow of money and make strategic financial decisions. By allocating funds to different accounts based on percentages, business owners gain control and confidence in their financial stability and growth prospects.

For businesses that face challenges like debt repayment, Profit First can be an essential tool for creating an aggressive paydown plan. Additionally, Profit First allows business owners to invest in growth opportunities, such as new equipment or expanding services, without compromising the business’s financial stability.


The case study of Fresh Faces by Rebecca and its journey with Fit For Profit demonstrates the transformative impact of implementing the Profit First system. Through the guidance of the Fit For Profit team, Rebecca and Andy gained control over the business’s finances and established a clear path to debt freedom and financial success. With Profit First as a financial framework, Rebecca’s business not only thrived during the pandemic but also set the stage for continued growth and expansion. The case study serves as an inspiring example of how the right financial management approach can empower businesses to achieve their goals and unlock new possibilities.

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