3 Priorities for Your Best Year Yet
January 9, 2024
by Shannon Simmons

No matter what time of year it is, you can make it your best year yet. For many small business owners in the health and wellness space, that means bringing in more clients, developing new programs, and increasing revenue.

Yes, revenue is important, but not at the expense of prioritizing the things that can make that happen. And what can make that happen is you, your network, and the systems you have in place to simplify your business and your life.

Yes, even when you’re busy. Especially when you’re busy!

Prioritize Your Connections

Humans are not meant to do it all alone. There’s a reason why we live in communities. It’s because we need the support and expertise (and encouragement!) of others to grow and excel.

As a business owner, you might feel like you’re too busy to make more business connections. But as you grow and develop as an entrepreneur, the more you need a circle of support around you.

Seek out connections with like-minded people whenever you can, and stay in touch with them. In the health and wellness industry, you might look to connect with providers in adjacent industries like physical therapists, chiropractors, holistic practitioners, nutritionists, coaches and trainers, yoga teachers, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and so on. The idea is to find people who can support your clients in a different way…and vice versa!

You may also want to align yourself with businesses that can support you in your own business. A human resource professional, bookkeeper, accountant, business coach, marketing professional, etc. You may not be ready for their paid support yet, but making friends with people in these fields is helpful.

Once you connect with a few people in each area, approach the relationship with the idea that you’re going to provide value to them and actively find ways to refer business to them. When you do that, without expecting anything in return, they will likely return the favor.

Prioritize Systems – Especially for Your Money

We’re all about money systems here at Fit For Profit, and using Profit First is one of the best ways to ensure that you have a profitable year. No matter what your revenue is.

When you implement Profit First, you set aside a percentage of your revenue before you do anything else with your money. And when it’s out of sight, you won’t spend it! It’s a matter of Parkinson’s Law, which is truly why Profit First works.

Other systems in your business can help you find more time in your day too. Do you have systems for bringing on a new client, creating marketing campaigns, onboarding new team members, etc.? Systems allow you to take the guesswork out of what to do, giving your brain one less thing to question.

Prioritize Yourself

There are 168 hours every week and I bet you’d like to spend some of those hours sleeping, eating, and spending time with family. You have a finite amount of time to work in your business every week.

Having a dedicated schedule is going to help, but you need to stick to it. And make sure you’ve scheduled in time for your loved ones.

But before you log into work each day and before you promise your 8-year-old an outrageous birthday party, make sure you’re taking care of your own needs. If you want a balanced life, make sure your needs are taken care of first.

That might mean meal prepping, blocking out time for your own workouts and therapy, finding ways to be more efficient with your work, hiring out some of your home needs like cleaning and yard work, and enlisting support from other members of your household. No matter who you are, no one should have all the home responsibilities on their own shoulders.

We recognize that there are a lot of other factors that go into a successful year in business and that this is just a start. But your connections, systems, and your own wellbeing are going to truly make the biggest difference.

If you need support getting your money systems in place, let’s talk! We have a number of ways we can support you, from done-for-you to teaching you how to DIY it. Book a connection call today!