Build Your Legacy with Profit First
February 13, 2024
by Shannon Simmons

Running a service-based business, whether it’s a boutique gym or a calming therapy practice, a dance studio or a chiropractic practice, is more than just keeping the lights on day-to-day. It’s about thinking of the big picture, like what you’re leaving behind for the world to remember you by.

This is where Profit First rocks the boat in all the best ways—it’s a game-changer in managing your cash to make sure you’re not just surviving, but thriving and setting up a future that’s as bright as your ambitions.

What Does Your Legacy Look Like?

Let’s get real: planning ahead for the future is super important. We live in a world that loves to throw curveballs (hello, 2020!), so making sure your business can stand the test of time is key. But when we talk about building a legacy, it’s not just about setting aside profits. Legacy is the heart and soul of your business, the kind of leader you are, and the mark you leave on the world.

Thinking about passing your business to the kids? Or maybe selling it off for a sweet retirement? Every choice you make now is a brick in the legacy you’re building. It’s all about crafting a story that shows how you’ve made a positive dent in people’s lives, in their health, their wealth, and their happiness.

How Profit First Fits Into the Puzzle

Profit First flips the script on traditional business finance, making sure profit gets the best treatment—right off the top. This isn’t just about keeping your business afloat, but rather being smart with your spending and saving, creating a culture where every penny counts.

Embracing Profit First means you’re not just looking after your business’s present needs; you’re setting up a legacy of being financially savvy, sustainable, and responsible. It’s so important to focus on steady, long-term success over quick wins, ensuring your legacy lasts the test of time and the fluctuating market.

Smart Moves with Your Profits

Building a legacy isn’t just about the money; it’s what you do with it that counts. Investing your profits wisely, especially in things that bring in passive or recurring income, is crucial for keeping you and future generations comfortable. Here’s the game plan:

• Spread the Love (and the Risk): Diversify your investments—think real estate, stocks, bonds—to spread out the risk and aim for those long-term gains. It’s all about making your legacy sturdy enough to weather any storm.
• Pick Assets That Matter: Go for investments that resonate with your values and the future you’re dreaming of. Whether it’s property that’ll stay in the family or putting money into eco-friendly businesses, make investments that leave the world a little better than you found it.

Giving Back: Charitable Contributions

A big part of leaving a lasting legacy is showing you care about more than just profits. Donating to causes that align with your business’s heart not only does good but also showcases your business as one that gives back. But even better, you’re helping others in the process.

• Find Your Cause: Pick charities that hit close to home, matching your business’s mission and values. Whether you’re all about local community support or global initiatives, these acts of kindness weave your business’s ethos into your legacy.
• Boost Your Brand by Doing Good: Philanthropy’s a two-way street. It helps those in need and shines a positive light on your business, showing the world you’re serious about making a difference. It’s a powerful way to build a legacy that’s respected and remembered.

What’s Your Legacy Story?

As you hustle in your business, take a moment to think about the legacy you want to leave. Is it about financial success, making a difference, or a mix of both? With Profit First, smart investing, and a heart for giving back, you’re not just building wealth but a legacy filled with values, ethics, and positive vibes.

Remember, it’s all about how you show up, every single day. Getting your financial ducks in a row means you can live life without the stress, ready to make a mark that’s not just well-lived but well-loved. So, what do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered? The choices you make now are stepping stones to that future.