Charging Fairly for Your Valuable Services
July 18, 2023
by Shannon Simmons

There’s a lot of talk about charging what you’re worth. But when it comes to pricing your services, it’s important to recognize that you can’t put a dollar amount on your worth as a human being. We can’t possibly charge what we’re worth because there’s no way to measure human worth. We’re all infinitely worthy.

Instead, focus on charging for the value you provide to your ideal clients. Your goal as a business owner is to set a price that aligns with the value you bring and the transformation you offer.

Consider the following factors when determining your price:

  • Services Provided: Reflect on the specific services you offer and the expertise you bring to the table. Your years of experience, education, and specialized skills all contribute to the value you provide to your clients.
  • Results and Transformation: Think about the outcomes and transformation that your clients can expect by working with you. How does your expertise help them solve their problems, achieve their goals, or experience positive change in their lives or businesses? This added value justifies your pricing.
  • Costs and Profit Margin: While setting your price, take into account your business expenses, overhead costs, and the profit margin you want to generate. It’s essential to strike a balance that allows you to cover your expenses, pay yourself a fair salary, and reinvest in the growth of your business.

To enhance the perceived value of your services without adding significant workload, consider incorporating the following strategies:

  • Additional Resources: Provide your clients with supplementary materials such as handouts, resource lists, or curated recommendations like books and podcasts. These resources not only support their journey but also showcase your commitment to their success.
  • Group Offerings: If you primarily work one-on-one with clients, explore the possibility of hosting group sessions, Q&A sessions, or workshops. This allows you to serve multiple clients simultaneously, providing them with valuable insights, peer learning, and a sense of community.

If you struggle with pricing your services based on their value, know that help is available. Our team of coaches can assist you in determining your unique value proposition and setting appropriate pricing. Book a call with us and discover how we can guide you to charge appropriately, ensuring you receive fair compensation and generate profit while serving your clients effectively. Embrace your worth and thrive in your business!