How Quickbooks Online’s Mobile Feature Makes Accounting Super Easy
March 5, 2020
by Shannon Simmons

If you do business outside your office walls, you need remote access to QuickBooks Online. You now can have it with Quickbooks Online’s Mobile Feature.  

One of QuickBooks Online’s most compelling benefits is its portability. While its desktop counterparts remain chained to your desktop PC or notebook (with limited remote capabilities), many of the features found in browser-based QuickBooks Online can be easily accessed via iOS and Android smartphone and tablet apps.

These apps don’t look and work exactly like QuickBooks Online, and they don’t do absolutely everything you can do in the browser-based versions, but the most common accounting tasks you’d want to do away from the office are supported.

These mobile apps give you and your staff the freedom to manage numerous accounting tasks away from the office, whether you’re at home, a customer’s location, a conference or convention, or any event where you can sell products or services. 

You can, for example:

  • Enter expense data
  • Build new records for customers and vendors
  • Create invoices and estimates
  • Receive payments
  • Issue sales receipts

You can do all of that on a smartphone. The iPad version offers more, including reports and account registers.

Easy Operations

QuickBooks Online mobile apps take advantage of the capabilities of whatever device you’re using, so it’ll be easy to jump in and start using them by clicking on links or buttons, entering data or choosing from lists, and returning to previous screens when necessary. Their user interfaces and navigational tools are very similar.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the free app, you’ll simply sign in using your QuickBooks Online user name and password. Your accounting files are then automatically synchronized with the mobile app, after which you can open the navigational menu, which appears in the left vertical pane.

quickbooks online mobile features

The apps are arranged slightly differently on each device, but they’re roughly comparable. The iPad version offers the most options out of them all, which isn’t that surprising knowing how functional iPads are in many ways.. They all have a link to an Activity screen, which is an audit trail of sorts. It displays transactions entered in QuickBooks Online on all devices.

Simple Forms

Say you’re working from home and you need to create a customer invoice. You’d click on that menu item, then on the “+” sign, and fill out the form similarly to how you would back in the office. You’ll have access to your existing customer list and your database of products and services, or you can add your own. 

So you’d:

  • Select your customer from the list that opens
  • Change the dates, terms, sales tax status, discount, and deposit if necessary
  • Choose products and/or services from the list and modify the quantity if necessary
  • Add a note or customer message if desired
  • Save the invoice

All data that you enter, modify, or delete is periodically synchronized and you can also refresh it manually.

QuickBooks Online’s sales forms – invoices, estimates, and sales receipts — all work similarly. You can record payments in the mobile apps, as well as expenses you incur outside of the office.

Of course, if you’ll be selling away from the office using one of QuickBooks Online’s mobile apps, you’ll want to be able to accept credit and debit cards. We can help you get set up with a merchant account that will allow you to do that. Remote payments are sent to QuickBooks Online, so your bookkeeping tasks will be greatly simplified.

If you use any kind of mobile device, there’s really no reason not to use a QuickBooks Online mobile app – unless you absolutely never work away from the office, never meet with customers at their sites, and never sell anything remotely. If you do any of those things ever, you’ll find that the convenience and flexibility of mobile apps can help you save time, manage your workflow better, and increase sales.

Think of the Quickbooks Online’s mobile feature as an added bonus like the app for your personal bank account.  The app for your personal banking allows you to see how much money you have and where it goes every month. Well, the Quickbooks Online’s mobile feature will let you see where your business is at wherever you are, so you can make those quick informed decisions that will keep you on track with the growth you desire.  

Download this app today and see how it can help you transform your business in ways you couldn’t see before.  After all, you will no longer have an excuse as to why you didn’t have time, or access, to keep track of all of your accounting needs.  Now you can simply open this app, type in the proper information and all of your Quickbooks platforms will be updated automatically.  

quickbooks online mobile features