Transforming Your Money Mindset
January 30, 2024
by Shannon Simmons

Your relationship with money is incredibly important in your business, but it’s often overlooked. It’s like that friend we sometimes have mixed feelings about. We know we want them in our life, but we’re not sure where they fit. We all know how crucial it is for our businesses to thrive, but sometimes, our feelings towards it can get a bit complicated, right?

The Thing with Money Mindsets

So, here’s the deal: our thoughts and beliefs about money, especially the sneaky negative ones, can really throw a wrench in our financial wellbeing. It’s like unintentionally putting up roadblocks on our path to success. You might catch yourself thinking, “Making good money in this business is tough,” or “I shouldn’t focus too much on profit.” Sound familiar? These thoughts are more common than you think, it’s okay to have them. The trick is not letting them boss you around.

Time for a Mindset Makeover

Let’s start by giving those negative thoughts a makeover. Instead of viewing money as this big, scary thing, what if we saw it as a helpful partner? Money can be your ally, helping you reach your goals and make a positive impact with your business. Imagine money as that friend who’s always cheering you on, wanting you to succeed.

This is why we take the time to set up guardrails, those Profit First accounts that help us to allocate funds to specific things without stressing about where the money is coming from for the next big purchase. We already know.

Mindful Spending: Your Secret Superpower

Mindful spending is like being a savvy superhero in your business. It’s all about knowing the difference between what your business truly needs and what’s just a “nice-to-have.” Every time you’re about to spend, take a moment to ask, “Is this going to help my business grow? Does it align with where I want to go?” This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your spending; it’s just about making sure it’s in line with your big-picture goals.

This is where the quarterly expense reviews come in. When we know where our money is going, and why, we can make decisions about what’s actually working for us and what we can let go of.

Wrapping It Up with a Bow

Transforming your money mindset isn’t something that happens overnight, and that’s totally fine. It’s a journey, and like any good journey, it’s filled with learning and growing. By shifting how you see money and making thoughtful spending choices, you’re setting yourself up for a thriving, feel-good business.

Remember, a positive money mindset is like a secret ingredient in your recipe for success. Keep it friendly, keep it real, and watch your wellness business bloom!